Poppit is a very beautiful balloon shooting game with bow and arrows.

Do you love archery? Want to see arrows flying around and hitting some colorful balloons? Well this is your opportunity to experience such fun and excitement. A new game application has been developed called poppit which features bows and arrows and some colorful balloons floating randomly on the screen. The poppit is a shooting game that stimulates the players hand to eye coordination. The game is fun to play with and you can rack up scores and compete with friends and family members.

Basically, the poppit game is a very simple game. It does not feature a complicated method of playing the game but rather, improves the players’ skills in terms of coordination and precision. Moreover, this game is beneficial for kids because it will stimulate the kid’s crisp coordination which ultimately leads to quick thinking ability. This game is also best for rehabilitating adults who suffers from lack of hand to eye coordination due to some bodily disorder. Overall, the poppit game has more benefits compared to what other games has to offer.

What are the features of the poppit game and how to play it?

The game features simple and easily understood objects. First and foremost, you will see the bow and arrow on the left lower corner of your screen which you manipulate by holding with the mouse’s left button. On the upper left corner, the number of arrows that you have and the number of balloons that you’ve missed will be reflected there. Every time you shoot away an arrow, it will automatically deduct that arrow from the total arrows that you have. Opposite of that area, you will see your score being reflected on the upper right corner of the screen. When you hit a balloon which account for ten points each, it will be automatically reflected on this area. At the right bottom corner, you will see the mute and unmute button. Overall, the appearance of the games interface is very pleasant because it resembles the sky with a few clouds moving around as well. So you don’t really have to strain your eyes in looking for your target.

In order to shoot an arrow, you only have to click-hold-pull then release the right mouse button then your arrow flies towards a target. However, hitting the balloons may be difficult because the arrows do not fly straight. You have to study angles and trajectory in order to estimate or adjust your aim in order to hit the balloons that are flying around. While holding the left button of the mouse and moving it up and down, you are able to change your aim whether to shoot it at the farthest distance or at close range, high and low. This makes the game easy and enjoyable to play with because the players do not have anything else on their mind like what other games require of them.

Although some gamers may say that the target are too small to hit and the speed is too fast, still it couldn’t be denied that thus bow and arrows game is very beneficial for both the young and the old. Being able to enjoy a simple game can also bring relief to body that is filled with stressed and aches.

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