Online Robin Hood

Want to be like Robin Hood? Shooting arrows and getting from the rich and giving it to the poor? Then you have to try online archery games. These games are based on medieval times wherein archers with long bows and sharp arrows are always featured. Much like the story of that great thief Robin Hood, you will have an opportunity to play hero for the poor getting some good on the rich and corrupt government and share these to the poor people around the kingdom. Overall, playing archery based games gives so much satisfaction for the player nit just because of the story but also because of the satisfaction that he get hitting targets with his bow and arrow.

What’s it like?

Archery games are unique among other games. It requires refined skills and a precise hand to eye coordination. It also requires great timing and the ability to accurately aim for target both close range and at a distance. For the most part, you will use your keyboard to navigate or move the player from one point to another then use the mouse for targeting opponents blocking your path. Overall, the feel of the game is like that of the hunt. Hunting for wild animals in the woods is quite an exhilarating feeling and you’ll feel the same with these games.

Prior to engaging with the real game, you can have target practice first. It is essential that you must familiarize yourself with the sensitivity of the mouse before anything else. So you have to take time to practice and get comfortable with the controls then once you feel that you’re ready then you can go and play the real game.

On the other hand, some of these games are played with multiplayer. Now the game becomes competitive. You are to compete with the other player with more ways than one. First is to rack up points. Out score opponents by targeting objects required within the game. Second, kill or be killed. It may sound like a violent game, but overall it’s not, remember you are in a game and everything is not real. So having a good competition with friends is a great time to pass the time. So go ahead and try playing online archery games and enjoy the experience.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t get a high score at your first attempt. You will have to play some rounds first to be able to shoot your opponent for your first attempt. As a hint – if you shoot them in the head, you will obtain a head shot, which means that you will gain more points or more money, depending on the type of game. Also, with these shots, your respect will grow and you can easily become the most notorious archer in the world. So don’t forget to challenge your friends at these games to see who’s the best at archery.

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