Poppit Inspired by Archery

The poppit game features one of the oldest weapons known to mankind, the bow and arrow. The use of bow and arrow in its early years requires skills in archery. Archers of the olden times were highly precise in their targeting skill which makes them a deadly addition to a countries army. The poppit game applied the same concept in order to make their game relevant and effective in teaching players to be highly precise in their approach on anything concerning life. To further understand the poppit game, we need to look at the essential effects of archery in a person’s life.

The unique benefits of archery

Aside from the physical advantages that archery can give us, there are two specific benefits that does not affect the physical capacity of the player instead changes the person’s entirety. Here are the two character enhancing benefits that can be achieved by practicing archery.

  • Social benefits – a person who practices archery can be as competitive as those playing physical games. However, the best benefit we can get from playing with bows and arrows are the following. In archery, you are blessed with character development traits like being time conscious, respect for others; it also requires you to be cooperative. Furthermore, it also forms a good habit, develops communications skills and strengthens friendship bonds. These traits are essential in a person’s life and can only lead him to a brighter future.
  • Emotional benefits – emotions sometimes gets the best of us. Sometimes, because of what we feel or the situation that we are in, we can be so destructive and unable to function accordingly. Archery can be used to serve as an outlet of negative emotions. Hitting targets it likened to screaming and shouting and stress and negative emotions are released during such activities which at the end, aids the individual in becoming at ease with his or herself.

With this concept of archery applied on the poppit game, it is more of a likely possibility that the people who play the game are also able to develop such traits, and who wouldn’t like to have those positive traits?

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