Safety Tips on Archery

Archery can also be dangerous to both the archer and the by standers. Overall, when we see an archery competition, audience are quite positioned in an area that is far and specifically behind the archers. Furthermore, the other competitors also keep their distance when a fellow archer sets for his or her turn. These safety regulations are being observed in order to avoid any accident since archers are using sharp and pointed arrows to hit their targets and it very dangerous, deadly even, if these arrows fly towards the audience because of the sudden shift in the wind or other factors that might change and arrows direction once fired.

In order to be safer when playing or watching archery, let us observed these following safety tips

  • Wear safety googles – avoid being accidentally pokes in the eye especially when assembling your bow and attaching your arrow.
  • Transport your equipment in a case to avoid any damage or injury from your own equipment.
  • See to it that your fingers are free from the strings before firing your arrow otherwise you will get nasty cuts from your arrow or you strings.
  • Hold your bow properly when aiming at the target. Keep your fingers away from the flight deck or in between the cables of your bow.
  • Practice in an open area. Determine your target properly before firing your arrow and be sure that you have a clear shot.
  • Ever point you loaded bow anywhere during any competition. You will become a threat if you do and might send a message that might not be appreciated by the audience. If you are not ready, release your hold on the string after removing your arrow from your bow.
  • Never shoot when there are a lot of people close to you. Make sure that you are at a safer distant from them to avoid any injuries. Or, you could ask them to keep distance from you while making your shot.

These safety tips in archery are from the experts of the game, people who know more about the ins and out of archery and for us to enjoy the game, we should observe these tips in order to avoid any injury at all.

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