The Evolution of The Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow has been predominantly used for hunting a few thousand years ago. We can see in books and national geographic magazines that the cave men are the ones who first invented and used the bow and arrow as their main tool for hunting. Over the years, people were able to make some modifications of the bow and arrow and then the cross bow was created. Used in some popular wars we read in history books and things like that. Since then, the continuously evolution of the bow and arrow has always find use in our life and currently we use the bow and arrow for Olympic competitions.

The difference between modern and traditional archery

In order to get a better understanding of the evolution of archery, it is a must that we know the purpose of the bow and arrow. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose or use of the bow and arrow is for hunting wild animals like deer or rabbit. Hunting is the way people in the olden times get their food and their main weapon is the bow and arrow. Furthermore, as years continued to flow, the use of the bow and arrow has become more deliberate and were used as weapons for war but it didn’t last long, soon enough they later changed with revolving guns and cannons.

On the other hand, in this current era, we only see bows and arrows in both local and international competitions like the Olympics. The archery competition in these games is quite exhilarating because it features various nationalities of both men and women who are deadly with their aim. Now, archery is not only a tool for hunting nor for war, it has become a tool for honing ones skill like accuracy and precision but it also develops qualities such as patience and focus in order to be an overall better individual.


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